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About Us.

TroniPay is the ideal payment solution for ecommerces, marketplaces, recurring payments and face-to-face sales. Based on the concepts of innovation and flexibility, TroniPay offers its customers a variety of means of payment, risk and dispute management tools and simplified adherence. Much more than a payment intermediary, TroniPay is the complete solution for all types of business.


A Multi-Channel Payment Solution for the Company and Personal.

We are a multi-channel payments solution, we do much more than connect systems. We take care of fraud, data security, contracts, all bureaucracy to accept payments online and also offline.
We do not worry about registering buyers. We do not mediate the payment flow with unnecessary redirects and registrations. We do not send emails to your customers.
Our focus is to create innovative solutions to simplify the payment processes of your business. Forget the hiring of gateways, fraud management, banks and administrators. With TroniPay you have it all in one place!
TroniPay has more than 400 rules of analysis that investigate whether the payment you are receiving is fraudulent.
We also have a dedicated team that works 7 days a week to review suspicious transactions and protect your business against fraud.


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